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    2. Why choose us

      The following explanation.

      World famous brand
      Technology is trustworthy

      International advanced filtration technology
      Five years of my company's product warranty, the warranty period free of charge to provide any accessories (except for man-made factors and consumables), life-long free maintenance, let you no worries!

      Adequate supply
      Enjoy the selection

      Perennial stocking more than 100 sets
      Oil filter varieties up to more than 500 kinds!
      To ensure that the day orders, the next day delivery。
      The 20 series, more than 500 kinds of products, let you enjoy the selection。

      Free technical training
      Professional logistics distribution

      Free technical training
      The company provides different training courses for customer engineers, operators and maintenance personnel.。
      Professional logistics system distribution
      Make sure that every single shipment arrives quickly and safely.。

      Full tracking service
      Relieve the suffering of production

      7×24 hours service phone
      2 hours in response to customer service requirements, within 24 hours to reach the scene, send professionals to install, debug, to ensure that your construction, production smoothly, and continuously meet your needs!!

      We are dedicated to provide you with the best products

      We are dedicated to provide you with the best products

      Chongqing clean filtration equipment manufacturing co., LTD


      Since the first purification equipment was applied in the power system, Clean has continuously developed with the application of modern technology, Perfected its own products, Improved the satisfaction of technical services, And met the increasingly strict fluid purification and regeneration to ensure equipment, People, Products and The safety and reliability of the system, Delaying the service life and regeneration of the equipment and fluids, For the benefit of the user. At present, Clean has a team of design, Manufacturing, Sales and technical services, Which are widely used in electric power, Petrochemical, Aerospace, Steel, Industrial lubrication hydraulics, Metallurgy, Mining, Machinery, Shipbuilding, Railway, Military, Aluminum, In the sugar industry, Cement, Paper and other fields, Products and purification system services are applied to domestic and foreign markets, And are suppliers of fluid purification equipment and technical services.


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